Post Conference Training


There will be 4 Post Conference Training Sessions. Each session will be 4 hours long and offer 4 CPE credits. 
If you complete all 4 sessions over the two days of post conference, you can earn up to 16 CPE Credits.
There is limited availability for each course so you must select the courses you’ll be attending at the time of registration.


Morning Session

Advanced Business Planning
Developing your company wide planning roadmap through JAMIS Business Planning.  Instruction to address changing business conditions using Forecasting, Budgeting and Sandbox plan types; help control risks through estimates to complete; options to plan at multiple levels of granularity with the additional benefit of resource planning. Training on additional tools that allow for ease of planning expense allocation, application of rate changes, escalation feature, leveraging historical data for future work.


Procurement Process Training
This session will cover the process of entering and approving a Request, converting into a Requisition and creating Purchase Orders.  The approval workflow, email notifications, attaching files the handling of “Rejections” will also be covered.


Technical Data Structures and Integrations
This session will explain the Data structure of JAMIS Prime, share how to find and join sources and the use of Integration Scenarios.


ARM Reporting
In this session you will learn how to modify and create ARM reports.


Advanced Allocations and Actual Rates
In this session you will learn how to manage variety of Allocations.  You will also learn how to reconcile and troubleshoot Allocations.  Then you will learn how to analyze, reconcile and troubleshoot the Actual Rates.

Afternoon Sessions

Business Planning Data Extraction and Analysis
Data extraction and analysis of your company’s planning data to provide a path forward to reach your business goals. Instruction on data extraction from Business Planning via Dashboards, Inquiries and Reports. Review and source selections of the required data to maximize analysis efforts and provide various formats of this analysis for management review. Training will include multiple levels of selections for Plan Types: Budget, Forecast, Sandbox; WBS Levels: Contract, Invoice Rule, Billing Rule and Jobs; Resource Planning: Employee, Organizations, Company Wide.


Purchase Order Processing Training 
This session will cover the various options for processing receipts, creating AP Bills, Returns and Adjustments. We will explore the advantages of each option. 


Inquiries and Dashboards
In this session, you will learn how to manage, modify and create Inquires.  You will also learn best practices for Dashboarding.


Technical Report Designer
In this session, you will learn how to create forms and reports using Report Designer.


Advanced Project Billing and Revenue
In this session, we will review the Best Practices for Project Billing and Revenue.  You will also learn how to make changes and adjust, as well as how to troubleshoot Billing and Revenue errors.


*Wednesday schedule will be repeated on Thursday. Courses will repeat the same material and will not be a continuation from the previous session. This will allow you to register for multiple topics and gain a wider knowledge on JAMIS. You will be able to build your personal schedule at registration.